tikki mehndi design back hand simple and beautiful

Tikki Mehndi Design for Back Hand is a beautiful way of decorating the back of your hand with henna. It usually starts with a circular

design in the middle, called a tikki. This design can be simple or very detailed, depending on what you like. People often get these designs for special

occasions like weddings or festivals. After applying the henna paste, you need to wait for it to dry to get that rich reddish-brown color. to make it last longer,

avoid contact with water right after applying, and you can enhance the color by applying a mixture of lemon juice and sugar. The design gradually fades

away over a week or two. It’s a lovely tradition that adds beauty and meaning to celebrations. those looking to adorn their hands with this beautiful art form.

Whether you prefer modern minimalism, intricate details, or a fusion of cultures, there’s a tikki mehndi design that suits every taste and occasion.

This year, embrace the artistry of tikki mehndi and let your hands tell a story of tradition, creativity, and personal expression.

Creating a beautiful Tikki Mehndi design on your hands involves these simple steps:

Procedure of making back hand mehndi design

Creating a beautiful Tikki Mehndi design on your hands involves these simple steps:

  1. Make Henna Paste:
  • Mix henna powder with water to make a thick paste. You can add a bit of essential oil for better color and smell.
Tikki mehndi design
Tikki mehndi design
  1. Clean and Dry Hands:
  • Ensure your hands are clean and dry before starting the back hand henna design.
Tikki mehndi design
  1. Plan Your Design:
  • Decide where and how you want the design to be.
Tikki henna design
Tikki mehndi design
Tikki henna design
  1. Draw Central Circle (Tikki):
  • Begin with a round circle in your palm as the center.
Tikki mehndi design
  1. Add Patterns:
  • Around the circle, add swirls, dots, and other designs.
Tikki mehndi design
  1. Fill Spaces:
  • Continue filling in empty areas with more patterns.
Tikki mehndi design
  1. Let it Dry:
  • Allow the henna to dry on your hand, ideally overnight.
  1. Scrape Off Dried Paste:
  • Gently remove the dried paste.
  1. Avoid Water:
  • Don’t wash your hands with water for a day or two to let the color set.
  1. Moisturize:
    • Use natural oils like coconut oil to keep your design looking vibrant.

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